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Message from Mayor Mike Travaglini:

Mayor Message:

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce that on May 14th our newly elected aldermen were sworn in office as we bid a farewell and thank you to our outgoing aldermen. Our new aldermen are:

Beth Parker – Ward 1

Grant Diel – Ward 2

Benjamin Stark – Ward 3

The Board also elected John Odenwald Ward 1 as president of the Board replacing outgoing Aldermen Greg Lauter in that position.

Also, I am happy to report that Finance Director Henrietta Brown and City Clerk Katie Wands are well underway in their new roles with the City. Feel free to stop by the City Center anytime to meet them.

As an update, our Public Safety Building renovations are coming along nicely and we are beginning to see some real progress. Thanks to Fire Chief Chris Amenn who is doing a great job overseeing the headway that has been made.

The rain this spring does not seem to want to go away and neither do the cicadas. But, soon it will be summer and we will be looking for a little rain and good riddance to the cicadas for another 17 years!

Have a great month and remember that our children will be out of school soon and playing outdoors … please be careful while driving through the City!

Best Regards,

Mike Travaglini