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aboutsfdAbout Shrewsbury Fire Department
The Shrewsbury Fire Department provides fire protection throughout the corporate limits of the City. Services are provided from one fire station manned by 18 full time firefighters of which 17 are licensed paramedics. Chief Amenn has been successful in improving the ISO (Insurance Services Office Fire Protection Rating) rating from a 4 to a 2. This places us in the top 4% of all departments rated in the United States.

Mission Statement

Facts and Figures
1.41 Square miles

Population 6253 as of 2010
4 Apparatus
19 Uniformed Fire personnel
1 Civilian personnel

Shrewsbury Map

The City of Shrewsbury is currently on the 2015 Version of the International Fire Code.  Click here for full Text of the Code.

Click here for City of Shrewsbury Specific Amendments.

The Department sponsors fire prevention and safety programs including blood pressure testing, free smoke detectors as well as installation. We also serve our community through car seat installation All departments in the St. Louis metropolitan are part of a mutual aid program in which assistance and equipment is provided by a fire department of another community in the event and emergency warrants such aid.

1 Fire Station, 1 Frontline Engine, 1 Frontline Ambulance, 1 Reserve Engine, 1 Reserve Ambulance

2020 Incident Information
43 Fire Related 3%
1174 Emergency Medical Response 78%
90 False Alarms 6%
163 Cancelled Calls 11%
14 Assisting Other Agencies 1%
19 Other 1%

If you have an emergency , call 9-1-1