Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact the Mayor or my Aldermen?
Visit Elected Officials for contact information.
When does the Board of Aldermen meet?
The Board of Aldermen meets twice per month. The Regular Session is held on the second Tuesday of the month. The Work Session is held on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
How do I access the Shrewsbury Municipal Code?
Visit City of Shrewsbury Municipal Code, or contact the City Clerk at 314-647-5795 x212 for assistance with the Municipal Code or Ordinances.
Who are my elected officials?
Find out who represents you at all levels of government here.
How do I register to vote?
Visit St. Louis County's Voter Registration website for more information, or contact the Shrewsbury City Clerk for assistance at 314-647-5795 x212.


Do I need a permit?
Review if you need a permit here.
How do I obtain a permit?
Permit applications for occupancy, building, plumbing, and mechanical permits can be obtained here. If you have further questions about the permit application process, contact the Building and Housing Department at 314-647-5795 x201.
How do I pay for a permit?
The City accepts cash, card, and check for payment of permit fees. Permits can be picked up at City Hall between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.
How do I schedule an inspection?
Contact the Building and Housing Department at 314-647-5795 x201. Please have the permit available for reference.
How do I report an issue in my neighborhood?
For non-emergency issues, submit information here.


How do I make a City Center room or park reserveration?
Contact the Department of Parks and Recreation at 314-647-1003 x219.
What events and programs is Parks and Recreation planning?
The seasonal Parks and Recreation Brochure provides details for upcoming events and programs. To learn more about services provided by the Parks and Recreation, visit Shrewsbury Parks and Recreation.


How do I contact Accounts Payable?
Contact the Finance Department at 314-647-5795 x221.
How do I obtain or ask questions about business licenses?
Contact the Finance Department at 314-647-5795 x221.


How do I schedule or ask qustions about trash service?
Contact Waste Management at 1-866-964-2729.
When are the Bulk Item Pickups?
What items are accepted for bulk item pick-up?

Townhall Questions and Answers

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