• Administration - The Administrative Department is pleased to serve the residents of the City of Shrewsbury and is committed to the effective delivery of all citywide services.
  • Finance - The Finance Department is responsible for coordinating and monitoring all fiscal matters concerning the City of Shrewsbury.
  • Municipal Court - The Shrewsbury Municipal Court is in the Division of St. Louis County, 21st Circuit Court.  It operates as an independent branch of the City. And, it serves as the judicial arm of the City for most municipal related matters.
  • Parks & Recreation - The Shrewsbury Parks and Recreation Department provide a source of pride for our community. Our department manages several facilities indoors and outdoors.
  • Police - The police department is a service organization dedicated to responding to the needs of our community. We are committed to providing exceptional police services in a manner that is responsive to community concerns.
  • Fire - The Shrewsbury Fire Department provides fire protection throughout the corporate limits of the City. Services are provided from one fire station manned by 18 full time firefighter of which 15 are licensed paramedics.
  • Public Works - The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and repair of the City’s infrastructure systems, including parks, storm, water, streets, sidewalks, and signage.