Services and Programs

Inspections/ Permits
The City of Shrewsbury Fire Department conducts fire prevention inspections of all commercial, multi-family, institutional and educational buildings on a regular basis.  These fire inspections are created to keep the occupants safe. Violations will be communicated on paper with the business owner/manager. Reasonable time will be allowed for noted violations to be corrected and re-inspection will be scheduled.

Fire Suppression Training and Evacuation 

Shrewsbury Fire Department will also provide complimentary fire extinguisher training for Shrewsbury businesses. A Fire Officer will provide a thorough facility walk through and review the evacuation plan with business owners to ensure safety is the priority. 

Inspections will be required for new and renovated structures through plan review and on-site inspections. City codes will be enforced, and occupancy permits will be delayed until the structure is compliant. Home fire safety inspections may be scheduled on an as needed basis.  

The City of Shrewsbury uses an integrated building permit process, the City's Integrated Building Permit Application should be submitted to .

Community Fire/Safety Programs

  • The Shrewsbury Fire Department will provide free battery powered smoke detectors and installation for Shrewsbury residents in need.
  • Complimentary fire extinguisher training is offered to Shrewsbury businesses.
  • We conduct fire drills and fire prevention education in local schools, housing facilities, and businesses.
  • Group CPR classes are offered by our Medical Officer (fees will apply)
  • Group tours are available for scouts, schools, and other organizations.


Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) staff is responsible for providing advanced life support (ALS) ambulance transport service. In 2023 the Shrewsbury Fire Department upgraded Ambulance 1817. The new ambulance is equipped with the Power Lift system to decrease back injuries to our Medics and provide a smooth transition when loading and unloading the patient. The ambulance also features Air Ride decreases bumps in the road, creating a smooth, patient centered environment during transportation and care.  The ambulance is staffed by two paramedic/firefighters.  

We are proud to provide the latest technologically advanced patient care equipment including updated patient cardiac monitors. In 2024 we will add a Lucas Chest Compression System, allowing the medics to stabilize and transport from the incident to the hospital more efficiently, with continuous care. Your Shrewsbury Fire Medics will determine the best hospital based on distance and critical care needs.

In addition to our Ambulance service, we provide citizens with blood pressure testing, health screenings and CPR/First Aid training (limited availability and fees apply). Please call 314-645-5077 during normal business hours to request services.

Knox Box
Precious moments are wasted obtaining entry to your home in the time of an emergency. Our Knox Box Program creates a safe way to enter the residence of a immobile or injured patient without causing damage to the home by breaking in. Knox Box is a small box installed at your front door storing a house key. Your knox box can be ordered through the City Of Shrewsbury Fire Department account allowing them to have instant access to you and your family if an emergency may arise.  Please click the link to order your box today. 

Mutual Aid
All departments in the St. Louis metropolitan area are part of a mutual aid program. This program ensures that, if the Shrewsbury Fire Department is assisting with an emergency, the nearest available department will respond with equal assistance and equipment in the event an emergency warrants such aid.

Car Seat Installation
It is our pleasure to ensure your family stays safe while in your vehicle. A new and properly installed carseat is the key to protecting your most precious cargo. The Shrewsbury Fire Department has crew members with specialized training in proper installation and position of car seats in all stages and all ages. We can give you peace of mind that your children are safe on the road.
Car Seat installations are performed everyday by appointment between the hours of 11am-12pm and 3pm-5pm. Use this link to email us providing your name, phone number and preferred timeframe. We will contact you to verify exact date and time. Keep in mind, the fire department will continue to respond to emergency calls during your appointment time. If you should arrive and no one is at the station, you may wait for them to return, or call to reschedule for a later date/time. Thank you for your understanding.

Addional links for common requests 

Hazardous material disposal LINK

Medication Disposal LINK Locations near 63119

Battery Disposal LINK

If you have an emergency , call 9-1-1