Child Fingerprinting Program

Shrewsbury Police Offer ChildPrint ID Kits
The Shrewsbury Police Department has procured ChildPrint Identification Program inkless fingerprint kits for Shrewsbury residents. The purpose is to give parents access to identity information on their children.

Fingerprints, dental records, medical records, and recent photos are essential tools in the search for runaway or abducted children.

The program generates no government records. It is conducted entirely by the child's parents. The parent fingerprints the child, fills out the card with pertinent information, provides a recent photo and keeps the identification form in their own home.

The kit consists of an inkless fingerprint pad, a print card, and instructions on how to take the prints as well as a place to practice. These kits are available at the Public Safety Building, 4400 Shrewsbury Avenue. Kits are free of charge for Shrewsbury residents.

Help in fingerprinting is available if needed at the Public Safety Building from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday